Friday, March 27, 2009

Tamil Song Quiz : TASQ - 021

Listen to the audio clip below .
There are two Interludes from two tamil movies combined together.
Which Song / Movie is it ?



Contest closed . For answers , read ' comments '.

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Vignesh Subramanian said...

Good one.. Second half of the clip is the 2nd interlude of "Pudhiyadhu pirandhadhu"from Devar Magan..
Any clues on the first one..? (I am guessing a late 80's female solo.. but not sure)

With Love

Vignesh Subramanian said...

Ok Kumar.. I think there is no need for a clue.. Here it is:

1.) 2nd interlude of Poove Poove Ponnamma (Pattukku Naan Adimai)
2.) 2nd interlude of Pudhiyadhu Pirandhadhu (Devar Magan)

The first one was like a filter coffee to me. It took a while before it could trickle down. (However from the moment I heard it, I knew its a Ramarajan song. which one of it was the question then on.. ) Second piece was a Bru coffee though..

Did you notice Madhyamavathi or sometimes Madhyamavathi with Chinna Ga based touches are common (and unique) in Raaja's folk songs.. Like Poove Poove, Kumbamkara sertha, Vanamellam Shengapoo, Mannayum Ponnayum etc etc..

With Love

kumar said...

Vicky , Correct answers .
You're too good in decoding , Cheers !

Yes , I agree with you about the usage of Madhyamavathi with Chinna ' Ga 'touches in the folk songs of Rajaa's composition.
I think " Ejamaan Kaaladi Manneduthu , Elele Kuyile - PNT " also belong to the same category ? Correct me if I am wrong .


Siva PS said...

1. ??
2. ada puthiyadhu piRandhadhu - dhEvar magan

Sowmya said...


Sorry for being late here.Anyway let me try..

1.No idea..i think somewhere i heard that piece, not able to remember

2. Ada puthiyathu pugunthathu from devarmagan !

Hope i got the second one right..

kumar said...

Siva PS ,
2.Correct answer !

Sowmya ,
1........... ?
2.Yes !.....You are RIGHT .

Clue for 1 : This song is from a movie of 'Towser' Man / Cow boy with Lipstick .

janaks said...

Song 2: Interlude of Pazhayana Kazhindhadhu from Devar Magan

kumar said...

Janaks ,
2. Correct .

kumar said...

Answers to TASQ : 021

1. 2nd interlude of Poove Poove Ponnamma - Pattukku Naan Adimai
2. 2nd interlude of Pudhiyadhu Pirandhadhu - Devar Magan