Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Kanne Kalaimaane . . . Sing-along

Hats-off to Ilaiyaraaja for this masterpiece.
I did this song in Cubase SX-3 using FM-8 , Hypersonic 2 & Massive plugins .
I will come back with the instrumental version of this song , Till then . . .
Listen , Sing-along & Enjoy ! ! !

Monday, May 26, 2008

Mounamelanoyi . . . Sing-along

I created this song using Hypersonic 2 , Ethnosphere & Halion 3 vsti plugins in Cubase SX-3 .
One is sing-along version and the other is with vocals .
Listen , Sing & Enjoy ! ! !


Track with Vocals

Putham Pudhu Kaalai - Remix (revised)

Hi ,
I have remixed the ' Putham Pudhu Kaalai ' song from the movie ' Alaigal Oayvadhillai ' using Stylus RMX , Hypersonic 2 & Massive VSTi plugins in Cubase SX-3.
Listen & Enjoy !

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Manram Vandha - Singalong

Manram Vandha Thenralukku song from the movie Mouna Raagam is one of my all-time favourites composed by Dr.Ilaiyaraaja.
I have re-created this song in Cubase-SX3 using the Steinberg HYPERSONIC 2 and Edirol ORCHESTRAL vsti plugins. Listen , Singalong and share your views.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Kannaalane : Polymetric or Polyrhythmic?

A friend of mine was a bit confused with the time signature ,the way vocal scats and chorus were rendered in the prelude and interlude of the song ' Kannaalane ' composed by A.R.Rahman , from the movie ' Bombay '.
There was an article by Mr.Ramesh on the same topic with justified comments to the question at http://rameshonmusic.blogspot.com/2007/10/overlapping-talas.html

The song starts with gumusumugumusumuguppuchip..... which is a 7 count phrase. The time signature is 7/4 at the start of the prelude for a length of four bars (28 counts) and changes to 4/4 on the 5th bar. From 'maamangaaran raathiri vandhaa' , the vocal scat is added with an extra gumusumu to make it a 8 count phrase , which keeps repeating till the pallavi begins.The Bass Guitar blends from the 9th bar.Though the first half of the prelude is in sync with the counts , the second half is not the same when it changes to 4/4 . It is confusing (rather odd) as the first line (maamangaaran..) of the chorus starts on the beat and the second line (maaman thandha..) starts on the upbeat before the bar ends. Please listen to the audio clip below. I have mixed a tambourine to specify the counts.

If the prelude was in 7/4 and the song in 4/4 or viceversa , it would have been a POLYMETRIC song . Likewise if the melody was in 7/4 and the rhythm in 4/4 ( like in the interlude where the tabla adds ) it would be a POLYRHYTHMIC composition. So how to define this song musically ? Is it a song with POLYRHYTHM or POLYMETER ?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Gum Sum & Gulfisha Remix

Hi folks ,
Welcome to Kumar's Planet !

I have remixed the GUM SUM & GULFISHA songs for the REMIXRAHMANSADA contest.
I downloaded the source file ( vocal ) from http://www.remixrahmansada.com/
and mixed the Bass , Chords & Rhythm .
Please listen to these songs and kindly share your views .

Gum Sum - HIP-HOP mix

Gum Sum - TRIPHOP mix

Gulfisha - BREAKBEAT mix

Gulfisha - HOUSE mix