Monday, March 23, 2009

MASALA MIX Quiz : 002

Listen to the audio clip below .
This Phrase has an Interlude & a Prelude of two songs from two different Tamil movies blended together.
Which Song / Movie is it ?



Contest closed . For answers , read 'comments'.

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makasu said...

1st Song : "Poovae, ilayae poovae" : Movie : Prabhu, Suresh, Viji, Sil smitha movie, directed by Gangai Amaran

2nd Song : "Sugha raagamae, yen soga bhoogam neeyae" : Movie : Prabhu, Revathi movie directed by Pandiyarajan

Ramesh said...

1st one: no idea.
2nd one is: shuba raagame

kumar said...

makasu ,

Wow ..........Correct answers !
Cheers , U rock man !

Ramesh ,
2. Correct answer !
1. Just give a try !

makasu said...


I stay in Sarjapur Road - Outer Ring Road intersection. Where do u stay in BLR?

Anonymous said...

You are starting off with 'poovae iLayapoovae' from koazhi koovudhu. This is an interlude. The second part still (pr)eludes me.

- Aravind

Vignesh Subramanian said...

Easy one Kumar...
1.) Beginning is 1st interlude from "Poove Ilaya Poove" (Kozhi Koovudhu);
2.) Later it becomes as the prelude of "Suga Raagame" (Kanni Raasi); Both sung by Malaysia.. (although the former is a solo)..
And suga raagame is one of my favorites of MV for the deliberate/ satirical Bhagavadhar effect he brings in :-)

Continue with your good work..

with Love

Vignesh Subramanian said...

On a related note,

1.) You can also pick up the song "Chittu Pole" from Iniya Uravu Poothadhu.. It would be seamless fit into the other two clips you posted..

2.) For a very interesting version of the same meter in Thavil, you can also try the rhythm of "Katti Vechikko" from En Jeevan paduthu.. Its slightly slower than this tempo, but of same 'nadai' and will fit easily.

3.) For regular Tabla nadai of the same, there are innumerable Raaja numbers such as "Raasave Unnai vida Maattane", "Ennai Thottu Alli Konda Mannan perum ennadi" etc etc..

With Love

Siva PS said...

Boy.. I didn't login for couple of days and a quiz is already over. You seem to be updating the quizes fast :)

1) poovE iLaiya poovE / kOzi koovudhu
2) maragadha vaLLikku maNakkOlam? / anbuLLa appaa

kumar said...

Arvind ,
1. Correct
2. ?

Vicky ,
Correct answers !

kumar said...

Vicky ,
I will work on your suggestions .

Siva PS ,
2.Not the right answer !

kumar said...

makasu ,

Sowmya said...

1.Poove ilaya poove ! from kozhikoovuthu

2. Sugaraagame from kanni rasi

Its very interesting blog and all very good thukkadas collections.

Thanks !!

Anonymous said...

For Number 2, the first song that comes to my mind is 'maragadhavallikku maNak koalam' from 'anbuLLa appaa'. But I think that is by Shanker-Ganesh..??? Right..???

Definitely sounds like some sentimental song for Sivaji, Sujatha or the like, sung by KJY and/or Suseela.

- Aravind

kumar said...

Sowmya , Welcome here .
Correct answers !

Thanks !

kumar said...

Aravind ,
No !

kumar said...

Answer to Masala Quiz 002 :

1st interlude from " Poove Ilaya Poove " - Kozhi Koovudhu blends with the Prelude of " Suga Raagame " - Kanni Raasi .


Anonymous said...

how are you?

Great share, thanks for your time