Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tamil Song Quiz : Rhythm Grooves

Listen to the audio clip below .
There are three Folk Rhythm Grooves from tamil movies combined together.
Which Song / Movie is it ?



Contest closed . For answers read ' comments '.

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Janaki said...

here we go!!!
1. Kalai vaniyo - villupaatukaran
2. Manguyile poonguyile - duet song from Karagattakaran
3. Manguyile poonguyile - solo song from Karagattakaran

Who can replace thalaivar when it comes to rhythyms.

Anonymous said...

1. kalai vANiyO - villup pAttuk kAran
2. kizhakkAle - nAttuppurap pAttu
3. mAngkuyilE - karagAttak kAran (male version)

- Aravind

Ramesh said...

my guesses:

1) kalaivaniyo raniyo from ramarajan film

2) karutha machan

3) maankuyile poonkuyile

kumar.s.r said...

Janaki ,
1& 3 are correct .

Arvind ,
Welcome here !
1& 3 are correct .

Ramesh ,
1& 3 are correct .

Vignesh Subramanian said...

Hi Kumar:
Great work with your blog. Here are my answers..
1. Kalaivaaniyo (Villu paatukkaran)
2. Paattukkulle paatirukku (Thanga Manasukkaran)
3. Maanguyile - SPB solo version (Karagaatakaaran)
With Love

kumar.s.r said...

Vicky , Thanks ! Welcome here.
Correct answers.
Cheers !!!!

Siva PS said...

Thanks for the interesting site. But this one is tough for me. My guesses are:

3. maanguyilE poonguyilE (solo) -karahaatak kaaran
2.karuththa machchaan - pudhu nellu. pudhu naaththu
1. ??

kumar.s.r said...

SivaPS ,

3.Correct .

Janaki said...

Kumar..any clues for Rhythym 2 ?

Janaki said...

Rhythym is from the song Paatukkulle pattirukku from "Thanga manasu kaaran ;-)

Kumar sir,is this tune the same as Manguyile poonguyile ?..i see the saranam tune is different

Janaki said...

i heard Raaja sir saying that Manguyile pooguyile tune is inspired by Eerimayil eeri vilayadum mugam ondru - a naatu paadal

kumar said...

Answers :
1.Kalaivaaniyo -Villu Paattukkaaran
2.Paattukkulle -Thanga Manasukkaaran
3.Maanguyile (Solo) - Karagaattakkaaran

All film names end with ' Kaaran '.